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Clean Projects International is a startup based in Stockholm and Gotland, Sweden.

We each have experience in creating our own startup companies - individual entrepreneurs coming together to help others achieve their vision.

Our expertise covers project management, marketing, communications, academia, technology & product development, fund & investor sourcing, global experience. We have good local representation around the world with technical expertise and know-how that can co-manage projects.

If you are a technology developer curious about the opportunities for your innovation abroad, or you represent an authority or municipality that needs to find solutions to challenges, or an actor (public or private) that has a big impact on the local community, please do do not hesitate to contact us. We match innovations with the needs of users and help find the funding needed before a commercial collaboration can be initiated.

Anton Fouquet

Projects / Marketing

Erik Josephsson

Startup business development / projects

Johan Sidenmark

Circular resource economy



Marcus Grünerwald

Funding / products

Monica Ek




Clean Projects International works closely with leading European academic institutions, innovation hubs and incubators, allowing us to source the best partners for each project.


Clean Projects International consist of experts with several decades of experience from funding, development and management of clean-tech.


Clean Projects International closely monitors a large number of funding schemes aimed at commercial projects, in order to find the best opportunities for funding in our target markets.

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