Matching real-world challenges with innovations 

CPI is a company that looks at profitable business solutions to existing real-world problems. We bring together the best innovators, scientists and companies to build positive-impact, closed-loop, eco-system solutions adapted to markets around the world.

CPI is unbiased but critical - evaluating ideas with the promise of being long-term sustainable (environmentally & economically), good for people and planet.

What we do

We work together with our network partners to develop solutions to demand-driven problems. We work with institutions, companies, industries, universities, NGOs, government bodies bringing together the best minds and ideas to create working solutions.

We provide test platforms for innovative products and ideas, proving functionality in real-world contexts, and thereafter providing a best route to new markets, enabling solutions to grow into profitable entities.


Supporting clean-tech projects around the world

Clean Projects International has existing collaborations in place with several leading technology and clean-tech companies. We are also active in several countries in Africa, as well as Europe and South America (for more information about the markets where we work, please contact us). We are also constantly looking for new solutions and possible customers.

Development Partners

Ongoing projects

Implementation of a Swedish educational tool into new sectors

Developing a venture capital digital platform for entrepreneurs in developing world

New, scaleable, stand-alone plastic waste to energy unit that utilises pyrolysis with zero waste

Water purification technologies (mobile and scaleable solutions)

Anti-pathogen surface materials testing in developing world market

Developing sanitation technologies & models where there's a lack of water or infrastructure

Bringing innovative wave energy to full-scale pilot and market

Are you looking for solutions to challenges? 

Are you a technology developer/innovator with a solution that you think can support sustainable development?

Are you an expert in sustainable development with experience from clean-tech projects?

Mission Statement

Clean Projects International is a Swedish based company aiming to connect innovative companies with customers, and problem-owners in developing countries and markets. Many of these, often small, companies have developed disruptive solutions that could have a great impact in these regions but due to their size, they often struggle to reach public authorities, municipalities, companies, etc. that are looking for new solutions to challenges.

This is where Clean Projects International can assist. With a long track record of setting up, funding and coordinating successful innovation projects, we can help you identify an optimal solution or customer, create a suitable pilot project, and help find funding for the validation process. In this way, both the technology provider and the problem owner get a chance to evaluate each other, without having to initiate a larger collaboration that might offer risks for both actors.

We can help both partners find time to consider whether scaling up a post-project is the best way forward. And we will assist in creating a suitable business model / plan for the next step.

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